I embrace a warm, compassionate approach that integrates the body, mind and spirit in exploring the barriers to personal growth and expression. My process incorporates three major approaches: Somatic Experiencing--discharging trauma held in the nervous system; Psychotherapy--revealing old belief systems or patterns from your history that may be unconsciously affecting current experience and behavior; and Transpersonal Psychology--working with spiritual and holistic principles to integrate your development. 


I find these three approaches to be essential tools for working with traumatic experiences, stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, loss, relationship issues, childhood abuse, low self esteem, life transitions and many other barriers to personal or relational growth.


I believe you have the power and the resources within you to find your passion and creative expression. I will guide you in reconnecting with your inner strengths that may have been lost during traumatic experiences in your life. In reclaiming your internal resources, you can then explore other difficult experiences and unconscious beliefs from a supported place within you.

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